Daily Update: 7/31/2018

Daily Update The Beginning

Today I learned all about the many different methods of pad repair! After watching a couple videos, I came to the realization that basically, people do whatever they can to make the pad work again.

YouTube Videos Watched:

The Methods Explained:

  • The Epoxy Method- clean pad with flux, solder wick, and isopropyl alcohol. Use a flat edge to remove extra adhesive/solder mask. Then clean the pads again, and create new pads. Flux and tin the traces, then epoxy, solder the new pads on, and then epoxy again.
  • The Silver Conductive Pen- a pen that can connect circuits by releasing conductive material. Thus, with a silver pen, you can remake your own pads and traces easily by drawing them on the PCB. Note: a squeeze and push pen is best for PCB work.
  • Jumper Wires- tin a wire and solder it onto the traces you need replaced.

(Below are a some pictures of me trying my first pad repair)