Daily Update: 6/28/18

Daily Update

Today I sat and learned a whole bunch from my employers. We talked about different jobs, how other employers act, money, and a whole lot of other stuff. Then, I set off to try and clear the fog that learning about electronic components had put on my brain. Just watching videos wasn’t working, so luckily I found an AWESOME electronics website with diagrams I could learn from instead. Here’s the link: https://electronicsclub.info/components.htm

Once I had learned how to identify all the components, I also learned how to test each with a multimeter. After reading and taking notes on all of that, I decided it was time to properly learn how to use a multimeter…so back to YouTube to learn I went.

Some basics: a wavy line means AC, while a straight line with dashes means DC. The red probe goes on the positive, and the black probe goes on the negative (usually).


I also watched another soldering video, as it came up in my recommended, and I’m looking for as much info on the topic as possible. Anyway, this video was one of the best I’ve seen, very entertaining presentor!


I didn’t do as much learning or hands on as like I said, I sat in meetings most of the day.