U2F Token Building- the PCBs Arrive!!

The Beginning

Today our package from http://dirtypcbs.com/store/pcbs arrived! We ordered a +/- 10 protopack of a design we knew should work, as well as a protopack that I had updated the Gerber files on and resubmitted. We had NO idea if these would turn out at all, but they look perfect.

Here’s the package the 22 PCBs came in (each of our protopacks had 11 boards in it). The package was very light, inside it was a box, and inside the box, surrounded by bubble wrap, were our beautiful PCBs.

Here are the boards we knew should work.

And here are the boards that I slightly altered and resubmitted. This order was just a test to make sure I knew how to use KiCad and to allow us to practice soldering through a reflow oven. Next time we order from DirtyPCBs, we may be using our own design.

Now that all the parts for our project are here, we can finally move on to trying to assemble them! Stay tuned…